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Ascended Master Yeshua Channelled: Be True To Thyself

Christed Yeshua would like you to know that he sees you, he feels you, he holds you. He listens when you call his name, when you ask him for support, clemency.

For clemency there is no need. You are not judged. You are whole. He asks you to remember that in the knowing of your divine self.

It is important now for you to be true to your divine self for there are many distractions, challenges and contradictory points of view that may sway you from your sense of who you be and the world and your peace.

Put yourself first. Not in a greedy, selfish, grasping or mean way. That is not necessary. There is no shortage of goodness.

There is perfect synchronicity unfolding and waiting for you to direct and create a life of plenty, of peace and goodness and gentleness.

That is what Christed Yeshua wishes for you all.

Blessed be.

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