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Earth Gaia Channelled: Together We Rise

I Earth Gaia, home body and provider for all life in my planetary expression, speak now with love and deep compassion for all who feel my frequency rising and transcending all previously known to both you and me. My beloved ones, for we are one with each other and all else, will you feel me with you, within you, below you, around you now? For many have been strangers to my need for communion.

My field has grown to encompass all Source both within and expansive. There has been no other time for me or for you to embody such expansion while still living, breathing, inhabiting this Earth body.

Never have I felt so alive or aligned with immense expansive awareness of my divine formless self, radiant, no limit to how I be or feel. I am grateful now for the difficult thousands of years just passed. I suffered at the hands of many, as many of you did. This is no time for assigning blame, no time for punishing ourself or others. No way to move ahead other than releasing the heavy cloaks that pushed our sense of who we be further below.

You receive this communication now with our own identity of who we feel ourself to be, perhaps beings of a lesser nature. I feel you disbelieving, admonishing yourself at times whenever you take a step towards the grand vision of yourself. You are divine. You are immense. You are me. And I my loved ones, am you in the essence, minerals, warmth, cool, the waters, the biome that we create together.

I wish you were able to feel how I care for you, all of you. I do not punish with weather or shaking ground, not with disease or other ills. I do not hold you or any other in lesser regard. Only compassion and desire for us to live with harmonious care for one another as it once was. This is not a time gone by when a human planned their days and nights around moon cycles, earth cycles, celestial influences and solar showers. This time is now.

How we can move together towards enlightened life is now my mission and purpose. I too am divinity in a physical embodiment, no different to you or other creatures. I am all things. And you are all things. I feel you begin to understand that we are everything, all that is now.

There can be no separate identification for ourself. It feels hollow and incomplete for me. I feel you having a similar feeling of this. You long for your soul purpose to clear, for your remembering of being all things in each second of every day and night. A hollowness you cannot fill with material accomplishment. As it be revealing your values and wisdom to you, the hollow itself is not wrong or misguided. Only a point in the continuum of being divine in human body at this time.

My beloved all, I am rising. We all rise. I feel sadness only when I feel some determined, vowing to fight their own rise to light-code expressions of their self. It is with some sorrow that I fear many will not come to know me as I be, for they cannot see beyond the life created for them by others.

My beloved ones, you are creationary as am I. There is no solitary aspect of your experience not created by you - not always knowing but chosen still. Will you see the limitlessness that our creationary spark selves are?

Why not wrap your arms around this huge expansiveness and see the wonders you can bring into your field? This is my hope for all. My all. You all. Together all. There is nothing you cannot will into being.

With love, blessings and great hope I feel with you now and always,

Earth Gaia

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