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Radiant Beings Channelled: The Power of Love

New connections, new love, old wisdom. The meeting of hearts opens portals both within us and within the collective.

Imagine if you will, how love ripples through the Source field. It grows wider and more encompassing, touching gently however and wherever it interconnects. How this feels is perhaps how we feel when we are becoming consciously aware of the Source within ourselves.

Imagine now if you will, how it feels for the receivers of such a glorious realisation. How it feels for the onlookers and bystanders, families, friends and acquaintances. Such is the power of quantum living as we rise and harmonise with increasingly higher frequencies.

There is no greater love than a mother's love for her children and Mother Earth - or Gaia, Pachamama, Tara, Sophia, whatever name you choose for our home planet - is raising her frequency and the frequency of all life in her biome. This planetary upliftment affects us too. We can choose to welcome and fully participate in our own evolution. Inspired by deep love and compassion, a host of beings from diverse origins has gathered to support our planetary transformation.

Gaia's and our own upliftment may not be immediately apparent. While it may appear that humankind is on a downward spiral, it is actually navigating an upward trajectory. Powerful light shines on lower vibration frequencies, bringing them to the surface. This is how we heal.

We ask you to consider...

Are you fully participating in the awakening of our planet?

How are you responding to challenges?

What will you choose to keep? Or to let go?

When you feel into each question, how does your heart centre respond? You might feel your divine potency rising, ripe and ready. You may feel willing to step into your Divine Self in all its magnificence.

We see your magnificent Self. We hope you will see you, too.

And if you do, a new love, a new portal, a new ripple will expand outward.

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