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Letters From God: Creation In Action

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

The experience of dissonance and its perceived disharmony may be experienced as a tangible physical sensation and/or as a perception or feeling of mental, emotional or energetic discomfort. Dissonance is a signal to our awareness that our current, or as it may be beneficial to know as our past, reality or life experience is at vibrational odds with our desired, intended or newly created reality. We choose ‘newly created’ deliberately as we are free to choose in every nanosecond how we intend to experience ourselves and our circumstances. We may keenly feel disharmony and a calling to change our experience to one with a higher vibration. We may choose to do so with clarity and high intention. We may also acknowledge the element of divine timing as particulate arrangement (also known as manifestation) and full expression are birthed into being.

Holding a powerful, concise decree and a fully immersive, five-dimensional vision may be utilised to clarify the reality that you are choosing. You may find it helpful to display visual representations of your chosen reality, the events and circumstances that you intend to create. You may compose a list of your desired characteristics and outcomes of your new reality. You may choose, and this is where we may falter, to surrender the entire latter half of the creative process to Source, to the creative streams of goodness, knowing that whatever manifests in physical expression will be wholly beneficial beyond your creative dreaming. When we release our strong preference, or personal attachment as it may be described, our creations are given free rein to materialise. Throughout the process, you will need to continue to choose daily, in every moment, your present reality and your feelings about the reality you are creating.

Much more important than decrees, visualisation and written objectives is how we are feeling in each moment as we go about our daily activities. Our present-moment energy is how we attract more of the same energy, people, places, objects and opportunities, which may or may not be the circumstances that we desire to birth into being. We may think that we have covered all the necessary components of particulate arrangement (or manifestation) however if our energy is not aligned with our intended creation, our creative power leaks and dissipates. It is important to have a full understanding of the workings of our divine creative ability. Dissonance is our personal smoke alarm, calling our attention in the moment to potentially detrimental feelings.

We can correct our detrimental feelings by calling our creative energies to us, holding them gently to us, intentionally opening our energy centres or chakras, and by visualising what we intend to create. As we visualise, we notice and consciously bring into our energy field how we feel during the imagining of ourselves experiencing our new reality. We release any dissonance from our energy centres while bringing our creation forward to our present moment and holding it. It sounds simple and it is, to imagine ourselves experiencing what we choose as our future reality in the now, ahead of time. So simple, in fact, that anyone can do it. And we do.

In every moment, each of chooses us our own reality. Our feelings, words, actions, judgements, conditioning, expectations and our personal world view direct our creative streams with or without our conscious intention. How we perceive life individually and collectively is how we attract more of the same frequency or resonance. If we know that we are benevolent divine beings with full access to creative streams of all kinds of basic goodness, our experience of life is more likely to be fulfilling and pleasant. When we do find ourselves facing challenging circumstances, choosing a positive outlook and appreciation for the goodness in our life will significantly enhance our experience. We always have the ability to choose how we respond to circumstances and to our own feelings. We only need to choose with intention.

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