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Letters from God: Magnificent You Are

Why do we feel we must exceed our personal level of comfort to fulfil our soul purpose, our reason for being? Must we feel small, insignificant, insufficient or just not good enough to be a human being here on earth? How can we be? Do we not realise how vital we are to Source? Do we not feel the significance of us being here on our individual paths at this time, living and breathing in unison with earth's biome?

How we may feel is not the truth. It is merely a constricted version of who we truly are, a smaller much less magnificent vision of our true self. Divinity does not make insignificant. Nor does it create life that is less than the magnitude of immensely profound beauty, intelligence and benevolence of its own essence. How can we believe we are anything less? I tell you it is not possible. Nor would it be desirable for such an abomination to exist. I see you looking in the mirror, criticising your facial features, your hair, your shape, your stature and your inner beauty. How it feels for I, Source, to witness you not loving your divinity cannot be put into words.

Let me explain how you are intended to be. Your experience of living in a human body is sacred, a gift that very few souls have the divinely intended opportunity to become. A host of waiting souls would gladly take your place without a moment of hesitation. This is because you were so very eager to be here in physical experience at this time of great awakening. Your soul has placed you here for a very significant and potentially enlightening experience as this planet ascends to its highest expression. It is no coincidence that you are here now experiencing this. It was planned, it was longed for, you are here by choice, your choice.

Here we have the paradox. You are here of your own choosing YET you don’t quite remember why you are here. This is the nature of being human. This is the challenge all humans negotiate and mostly successfully triumph over before you depart the earth plane. We, Source and your soul, don’t see small, unremarkable or pitiful people on earth. We see brave, luminous and genuinely incredible souls in physical manifestation. We here watch over you. We feel you. We hear your cries for help, for support. We hear you and we answer you. You don’t often hear our response. You are often fixated by the dilemma before you, the challenge of surmounting what appear to be insurmountable problems. There are no insurmountable problems, only challenges. There are no impossible tasks, only creative streams waiting to be directed. There is no hopeless person or situation, only opportunity for awakening. This is the true reality of life on planet Earth. Some will take these words as gospel. Others will shrug and let these words fall unheard onto barren ground. The choice is with you. It has always been with you. Now let me explain why your choice is your compass and your roadmap.

Many of us live with the ideal that good things don’t come to good people. We feel like we need to scheme, plan, formulate, borrow, replicate and become a new, different type of person. We surely feel that good things only come to highly successful, beautiful, supremely confident and wealthy individuals who seem to have all their human emotions under control. We regret to tell you quite the opposite, what you believe is only a fraction of the true reality of human life on Earth. Feel the truth in these words, see how they resonate with your own divine knowing. You may feel confronted. You may feel uncomfortable. You may feel lighter and more hopeful. All these emotions indicate that what you are reading, hearing, seeing and starting to believe is correct and truthful.

Open to your true potential as divinity in a human experience. Open to how much you don’t yet know about the workings of divinity, about your true self, about life in physical expression. Be willing to open to a new paradigm, a new incredible, life-affirming reality. Your new reality is being birthed into being. It has already started, is already here. It’s your choice to open to it and to make it your own.

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