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Letters From God: Your Light Is Needed

We are nearing the time of planetary awakening, we are each contributing to the accumulation of critical mass. We broadcast the call to embrace the golden radiance of Source now and in every moment of every day. It is an open invitation for you, for all. All that is required is your conscious decision to open to your own divinity, to own your divinity and to cherish it. It is the uncomplicated yet life-altering act of intentionally drawing down the golden rays of pure Source into the crown of your head, into your crown chakra. Open to the golden radiance, hold it to you and let it settle into your heart, mind, body. Feel how it restores a sense of being in harmony. Feel how suffering seems to fade. Welcome the underlying feeling of peace, of all being well. You only need to keep your awareness on the golden radiance and to remain aware of it being within you and around you. If you remain open to the golden radiance for 72 hours it becomes your new way of experiencing life for as long as you choose. Opening to your own divinity really is that simple.

There are no prerequisites for immersing yourself in the golden rays of pure Source, only a sincere desire and decision to do so. Your decision will consciously connect you to your own divine self, your Source Self. You will be able to feel your true potential. Aspects of your divine self will be activated and you will choose how to proceed in each moment. There is no compulsion to choose one way or the other, only your ever-present free will. You will be assisted and supported by high vibration pure Source beings while you open to yourself. You will receive personal guidance and tuition from both high vibration Source beings and from your own Source Self, your Soul, your divinity. You may receive communication through multi-sensory and intuitive channels. Depending on your individual makeup, you may experience deep knowing, you may perceive images in your inner vision and/or you may hear tones or voices. Whatever your mode of sensory perception, you will know you are receiving wholly benevolent communications through the high, clear vibration and the loving encouragement you receive. You will be encouraged to embrace your own divinity, your own self-empowerment. At no time will it be necessary for you to accept our assistance or to heed our guidance. We offer our support to you freely and purely, for your choosing and for your benefit. As with all things, you are fully empowered by your free will.

There are many who desire to open to Source but have not yet realised that what they so dearly desire is already within their reach. We humbly call on the first responders who may choose to help others to open to their own divinity. How this unfolds will be determined by the choices made by each individual in daily life. We hope and intend that each person will choose to open their awareness and immerse themselves in the highest version of themselves. We hope and intend that each person will embrace their own spiritual advancement and choose to support the spiritual advancement of all other lifeforms. This, however, is for each individual to choose in each moment. Your light and truth will help others to see their own divinity. Your light will help others to find their own path. Ripples travel through the collective field just as ripples spread across open water, each one altering the surface tension. This is how critical mass builds and approaches the tipping point. This is how Earth is transforming all of its biome, one divine spark igniting the adjacent one until all are burning brightly. We see the sparks spreading, growing, illuminating. Be the spark and make it your purpose to ignite as many more as you can.

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