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Radiant Beings Channelled: A Solstice Of Transformation

Ascended Masters and a Seraphim Angel offer a message, an invitation for each of us to shine radiant light on our Soul's life purpose. The Solstice energies amplify the power of our intention, our choosing. A channelled message is below. Happy Winter Solstice to friends who call the Southern Hemisphere home. And happy Summer Solstice to Northern Hemisphere friends.

Blessings to all who hear this message. The Winter Solstice in Australia 2022 brings unexpected blessings. In your heart is your Soul's purpose, your reason for being. And tonight on this wonderful Winter Solstice you have the opportunity to hold the intention to realise and fully step into your Soul's purpose, your divine purpose, your divine path.

Dormant beneath the ground like a seed your purpose may lie. And today the shortest day of the year and the longest night symbolises a turning point. The awakening, the lightening, the germination. The revelation of your divine self, your divine path. Your Soul's purpose with joy and radiance and a newfound passion that may have been diminished before your purpose was fully revealed and awakened.

So if you feel this is you, if you feel your purpose is still hidden, still waiting to be fully revealed and brought into the light, this is the intention you may wish to hold, the prayer you may wish to form, and the reality that you may choose to create. To step into, to embody, to bring forth into the light and make your own. And this is now if you will choose it. Your soul waits if you will allow it. Your path is before you should you step onto it. Step into the light.

Blessed be beloved friends. And happy Winter Solstice.

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