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Reflections of Inanna: The Healing Power of Truth

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

The version of Australian history I learned at school was incomplete at best. Failure to acknowledge events, or to gloss over the truth, has the potential to cause harm. In the case of our nation’s history much harm was caused. How can we heal without acknowledging events and their consequences? Will any good come from opening up the past? Despite repeated well-intentioned attempts to move forward, this nation’s sad and largely unacknowledged past lingers in our collective periphery. How may we attempt to heal our past? We can start by acknowledging the truth. Only then can we truly move forward and heal.

Self enquiry is often a good way to invite healing. I ask you to remember a personal experience when you felt wronged. You may have experienced mental, emotional or physical harm. The person you feel had wronged you did not hear you. They were unable to empathise, to realise the consequences of their actions, their impact on you. Perhaps their actions also impacted your loved ones, adding to your pain. There was no understanding, no acknowledgement. Perhaps an apology was offered but without full acknowledgement the apology felt less impactful than it might have been. You felt unheard, that your true feelings were not known. You turned to others with similar experiences in the hope of finding connection. Shared experiences helped you to connect with others. You may, however, have felt disconnected and distanced from those who were unable to relate to you or your experiences. Perhaps these feelings persist and continue to influence your present experience.

Knowing how this felt for you I now invite you to imagine how a body of people, an entire culture, may feel about similar circumstances. After generations of experiencing injustice, how might they be perceiving their lives? How well might they fare when experiencing what may feel like intent or behaviour reminiscent of the past? You may be sensing the enormity, the magnitude of self-healing that is currently taking place. It is not only one culture or body of people facing these challenges but it is Aboriginal people that specifically come to mind for me.

I have always liked ‘And the truth shall set you free’. The relevance of this quote was tested in early 2022 when I embarked on a road trip guided by pure Source light beings. I was informed that what I saw is now largely forgotten due to the time that has passed. The land and the collective source field, however, keeps accurate records. I was asked to drive to specific locations quite some distances apart. I was asked to stand in precise places including on a country road, beside a highway, on a suburban bushland path, on a beach and in someone’s paddock. What took place many years before in that location, I saw and felt with undeniable clarity. I projected my awareness back in time and reality to witness horrors that new settlers inflicted on Aboriginals. The visceral and sensory feelings were potent and shocking and heart-breaking. The fear, sorrow, pain, suffering and desperation in each location were palpable. A deep, all-encompassing sense of outrage and injustice, both mine and the Aboriginals’, permeated each place as I stood sobbing. I saw dark-skinned children, women, men, elders, often entire clans chased down and killed by pale-skinned others. I saw cold-hearted intentions, overwhelming and violent. I am unwilling to share the details of what I witnessed out of respect for the sites and the ancestors, however, I was asked by the traditional custodians in each place to share the truth of our history. One custodian said to me, "[this town] was built on blood. Will you help?" Not being able to change the past, I vowed to help create a better future. I share what I know. I speak out so that the truth, as painful as it is, is heard and acknowledged. I do this with the hope that deep healing will be experienced by all of us and by country.

While the truth of our history may seem more important to Aboriginal people, in reality it is of significance for all Australians. There is a great need for collective healing to take place. The old illusion of people feeling separate from each other is a false reality. We were taught to feel separate and distant from our own divinity and from everything else. As we open and uplevel to the growing energetic frequencies of earth, so are old paradigms dissipating and crumbling. This is a golden opportunity to create a new collective memory of us as free will leaders co-creating a more inclusive future, Australians of all backgrounds and skin colours standing together on common ground.

The past shared its stories, its unfinished business, so that we may acknowledge the truth. In doing so we hold space for ourselves to heal and for others to experience their own healing. Everyone has their own healing experience and the process for many Aboriginal people will understandably be significant in a way that others may never fully understand. This is not to elevate or belittle any individual experience. It is merely acknowledgement that past events continue to impact the present-day experience of many. The effects of all past events are felt by the whole living biome that we are all part of. As our experiences are imbedded in the collective consciousness, it makes sense that each of us is responsible for our own healing.

We may also choose to offer a hand to others, to share with and learn from each other.

In sharing and acknowledging the truth, we invite an opening of hearts and minds. It is our invitation to hold ourselves and each other with empathy, compassion, non-judgement and common purpose. We also need to express our truth, our own self as divinity in human form. If we are to step forward and stand together then acknowledging our own and each other’s truth is essential. It is this that inspires me and gives me hope for our collective future. May the truth set us all free.

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