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We Nature: Friends In Tune

A channelled message from Nature beings. Deeply empathic, light and joyful they connect with me as a collective. Many hearts and voices as one. I was shown a 'living cloud' of birds flying free in synchronicity, gathering and dispersing and coming together again. Unified consciousness. Beautiful symbology of Nature aligned with all life, in tune.

Tunes. We often communicate messages with people through music. A song may be perfect and appropriate for us to share our communications and how we hope you will find deeper understanding of your place in nature. A song’s words may help you align with your higher self’s desires and hopefully help you with a challenge we feel you having. You might not realise at the time that an experience is causing disharmony, or maybe you do but have trouble to see clearly the origin or potential resolution. We bring music to your senses. We wish to help where we may.

Do you sometimes wake from sleep with a song in your mind, clear and persistent? Maybe just a line or two, maybe a few words repeating. Maybe you have not have heard the song for a while but now it feels important. This is we Nature trying to talk with you in a way that many are able to allow us to be felt and experienced.

If you do hear music in this way, we ask you to consider the words and how you feel. Do they make sense when you consider how your life is right now? Unbeknown, if you brush it away without much thought, you may miss our desire to share and communicate with you. You may miss out on the chance to share joy and laughter.

We desire to communicate with you. Heart to heart; mind to mind.

We are sharing an opening to connect with our kind, our many hearts and voices sharing as one voice. You are able to feel and hear and sometimes see us if you choose. If you open yourself to the possibility of another realm living beside you, we are here waiting. Until then, we share when we can through music which is dear to us as well. We are musical. So are you. Our musical style is different (laughter) but music is a way to share and align.

We care for you, our people. We care for you like you care for your friends and loved family. We are near in gardens, in your home, around children playing, in all ways and places not only in parks and wild places. Of course, we are here - we share the Earth with you. We hear you, we see you play, we feel your hearts. We honour you and your hopeful self. Many beings are seeing as we are how hope alters how we see each other. It changes lives. Do what brings you joy. Hope is all around when you live life with joy.

We see people taking life with more serious intention than we understand. Life can be joyful, playful, light. We Nature play. We see things being done to cause harm and this we need to consider with serious care. We might feel sad and loss but we bring harmony to our work. This is all we know, who we be.

We Nature laugh a lot. Your own playful laughter will help you know yourself as Nature. We see people as youthful and mature souls as one in a glowing package. It has been our heartfelt wish for people to be in tune with the many life(s) of Nature and to see and hear us like ancestors were able to. Our way is to help free hearts and minds. Above so below we are one life. One in our knowing, in our hearts and thoughts and a desire for free will to be accepted. This is how we wish to be helpful to people.

If you wish for a deeper connection with Nature, we friends are here. You might hear music playing. You might feel tingling, an urge to laugh. You might feel beauty. You might feel you’re coming home. We are here waiting.

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